Beaudesert Regular Cattle Sale – 28th March 2020

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a yarding of 437 head of cattle at their Beaudesert Regular Cattle Sale on Saturday. Heavy feeder steers were slightly off pace, with quality weaner steers and heifers selling very well. John and Amanda Thomas, Laravale sold Charbray steers 2 years for $1,690. Charolais x steers 18 months account Eurara Pty Ltd, Innisplain sold for $1,325. Carl Mills, Gilston sold Charolais x steers 18 months for $1,300. Freedom Farm Innisplain sold Droughtmaster x steers 2 years for $1,225. Charolais x weaner steers account Tru Investments, Veresdale sold for $945. Droughtmaster steers 12 months account Jason Stokes, Coochin sold for $955. Palen Creek Correctional Centre sold Charolais x weaner steers for $925. Santa x weaner steers account Danielle Stowe, Jimboomba sold for $855. Wayne Josey, Washpool sold Santa x weaner steers for $750. Liam Gill, Birnam sold Limousin heifers 18 months for $1,325 and Charbray heifers 14 months for $920. Carneys Creek Pastoral sold Charolais x heifers 2 years for $1,150. Brangus heifers 12 months account Gina Drew, Mt Mee sold for $825. Tru Investments presented an outstanding line of Charbray weaner heifers topping at $815 to average $785. Danielle Stowe of Jimboomba sold Droughtmaster heifers 12 months for $790. Braford heifers 12 months account Anne Sonnet, Fernvale sold for $795. Anne also sold Braford weaner heifers for $600. Eurara Pty Ltd sold Charbray weaner heifers for $650. Wayne Josey sold Brahman x weaner heifers for $580. In the breeder section, Charbray cows and calves account Gina Drew sold for $1,220. Carneys Creek Pastoral sold Charbray cows for $1,260 and Braford cows for $1,030. Carl Mills sold Charbray cows for $1,195. Anne Sonnet sold Braford cows for $1,050. Palms Trading, Mt Tamborine sold Angus cows for $960 and $840. Palen Creek Correctional centre sold a Charolais Bull for $2,900. Freedom Farm Innisplain sold Droughtmaster bulls for $2,100 and $2,000.