Beaudesert Store Sale – 11th December 2021

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a much dearer market for all descriptions at their Beaudesert Store Sale on Saturday. An outstanding line up of feeder steers come to hand and sold to fierce competition. Quality lines of weaner steers and heifers sold extremely well. PTIC heifers and females with breeding potential exceeded all expectations. Hills Family, Chinghee sold Droughtmaster x steers 2 ½ yrs for $2890. Brahman x steers 2 yrs account Eurara Pty Ltd, Innisplain sold for $2700. Brett Childs, Rosevale sold Charolais x steers 2 yrs for $2680. Brahman x steers 2 ½ yrs account Malabar Holdings, Palen Creek sold for $2500. Santa steers 2 yrs account Denis and Yvonne Panzram, Peak Crossing sold for $2560. Jilabri Family Trust, Milbong sold Droughtmaster x steers 18 mths for $2420. Charbray weaner steers account Rhett and Tina Phipps, Coominya sold for $2020. Chris & Karen Lawson, Running Creek sold Charbray weaner steers for $2010. The Mills Family, Beechmont sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $2000. D & G Schmidt, Haigslea sold Limousin weaner steers for $2000. Droughtmaster steers 14 mths account Paul Benstead, Christmas Creek sold for $1980. DGKA Properties, Aratula sold Angus steers 12 mths for $1880. Ultra Black weaner steers account Wima Pty Ltd, Beaudesert sold for $1790. Judd Farming, Allenview sold Droughtmaster x weaner steers for $1600. PTIC Droughtmaster heifers account Darren and Ingrid Morgan, Darlington sold for $2850. John and Desley Gurney, Kulgun sold Droughtmaster x heifers 24 mths for $2450. Droughtmaster heifers 24 mths account Chris and Karen Lawson sold for $2550. Keira Farm, Mutdapilly sold Charolais weaner heifers for $2140. Euro x heifers 14 mths account All Beef Enterprises, Cannon Creek sold for $1750. Lance Bischoff, Buaraba sold Santa heifers 12 mths for $1720. Angus heifers 12 mths account Wil Murphy, Ripley sold for $1720. John and Donna Mounsey, Moogerah sold Droughtmaster x Heifers 12 mths for $1680. Allan Mills, Beechmont sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $3050.

Tina and Rhett Phipps of Coominya sold Charbray weaner steers for $2020.