Beaudesert Store Sale – 11th November 2023

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a dearer market for all descriptions at their Beaudesert Store Sale on Saturday. Welcome rain throughout the Scenic Rim created strong competition for quality lines of replacement steers and heifers. Lance Bischoff, Buaraba sold Charolais x steers 12mths for $910.  Euro x steers 14mths account Warren Lacey & Rebecca Neary, Stockleigh sold for $890. Lindsay & Julie Grantz, Blackbutt sold Charbray steers 15mths for $890. Droughtmaster x steers 15mths account Matt & Caitlyn Watt, Allenview sold for $890. Shannon White, Veresdale sold Droughtmaster x steers 15mths for $890. Droughtmaster steers 12mths account Chris Bonner, Obum Obum, sold for $860. Allan & Sandy King, Mt Gipps sold Euro x steers 11mths for $860.  Red poll steers 15mths account David Sims, Kandanga sold for $830. Santa x steers 14mths account Frank & Joanie Hester, Tabragalaba sold for $870. Droughtmaster weaner steers account Allan & Sandy King sold for $790. Frank and Joanie Hester sold Santa weaner steers for $730. Lance Bischoff sold Santa weaner steers for $700. Charbray weaner steers account Lindsay & Julie Grantz sold for $630. Moo Moo Meat Co, Cainbable sold Angus weaner steers for $660. Chris Bonner sold Droughtmaster heifers 15mths for $740. Droughtmaster heifers 15mths account Neil & Trish Ford, Veresdale sold for $670. Warren Lacey & Rebecca Neary sold Charolais x heifers 15mths for $635. Droughtmaster x heifers 14mths account Matt & Caitlyn Watt sold for $610. Jason Rhoades, Withern sold Santa heifers 12mths for $530. Droughtmaster x weaner heifers account Allan & Sandy King sold for $525. Speckle Park x weaner heifers account Ian Lake, Rosewood sold for $520. Brenda Wells, Chuwar sold Santa cows and calves for $1250. Rob Arnold, Veresdale sold Euro x cows and calves for $850. Ian Lake sold Speckle Park x cows and calves for $900. Brenda Wells sold Santa cows for $1000. Multi Investment Trust, Mt Barney sold Red Brangus x cows for $810.

Alisha Tellan and Tyler Regan, representing Allan and Sandy King of Mt Gipps, who sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $790.