Beaudesert Store Sale – 13th January 2024

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a much dearer market for all descriptions for their first Store Sale of 2024.  After widespread significant rainfall over the Christmas period, quality lines of replacement steers and heifers sold well above vendors’ expectations.
DGKA Properties Pty Ltd, Aratula sold Droughtmaster steers 20 months for $1,480.  Jenoff Pty Ltd, Christmas Creek sold Charolais x steers for $1,390.  Charolais x steers 18 months account Glen Hills Pastoral, Palen Creek sold for $1,380.  Angus x steers 15 months account Mark & Sandra Downes, Christmas Creek sold for $1,360.  Singh’s Enterprises Pty Ltd, Beaudesert sold Droughtmaster steers 14 months for $1,200.  Droughtmaster x steers 12 months account New Water Feedlot, Beaudesert sold for $1,120.  Kevin & Ann Venz, Laravale sold Droughtmaster x weaner steers for $1,110.  Beauchamp Enterprises Pty Ltd, Maroon sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1,040.  Droughtmaster weaner steers account Frank & Sue Coghlan, Palen Creek sold for $1,030.  Vin & Judy Slingsby, Beechmont sold Limousin x steers 12 months for $980.  Kasey Woodeson, Palen Creek sold Brangus weaner steers for $960.
PTIC Charbray heifers account Gary & Georgie Brennand, Mt Cotton sold for $1,600.  Hawkins Capital Pty Ltd, Cryna sold Santa heifers 2 years for $1,290.  Jenoff Pty Ltd sold Charolais x heifers 14 months for $1,170.  Charbray heifers 15 months account Jim & Rachel Hardgrave, Palen Creek sold for $1,120.  Glen Hills Pastoral sold Charolais x heifers 15 months for $1,030.  Singh’s Enterprises Pty Ltd sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers for $780.  Beauchamp Enterprises Pty Ltd sold Droughtmaster x weaner heifers for $765.  Droughtmaster x weaner heifers account Les Draheim, Roadvale sold for $730.  Elena Short, Veresdale Scrub sold Brahman x weaner heifers for $700.
Len & Karen Murphey, Cannon Creek sold Charolais x Cows & Calves for $2,125.  Charolais Cows & Calves account Dylan & Georgia Fox, Boonah sold for $1,750.  PTIC Cows account Gary & Georgie Brennand sold for $1,400.  Len & Karen Murphey sold PTIC Cows for $1,330.
Len & Karen Murphey also sold a Charolais Bull for $2,225.

Gary & Georgie Brennand with their PTIC Charbray heifers which sold for $1,600.