Beaudesert Store Sale – 15th January 2022

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a red hot market for all descriptions at their first Beaudesert Store Sale for 2022. Weaner steers and heifers sold to fierce competition reaching new levels. An outstanding line up of feeder and backgrounding steers sold to a very buoyant market. Heifers with breeding potential and cows and calves sold extremely well. Pam Moriarty, Canungra sold Charbray steers 2 ½ years for $2720. Santa steers 2 ½ years account Steve Moriarty, Canungra sold for $2710. Boorook Partnership, Boonah sold Charbray steers 2 years for $2560. Droughtmaster x steers 15 months account Paul Buhle, Frazerview sold for $2500. David and Patricia Parr, Kalbar sold Droughtmaster steers 18 months for $2460. Albert River Wines, Tamborine sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $2320. Mick Self, Pine Mountain sold Charbray weaner steers for $2300. Santa Hereford x weaner steers account Mt Maroon Grazing sold for $2220. Keira Farm, Mutdapilly sold Charbray weaner steers for $2120. Droughtmaster weaner steers account Des Hirn, Haigslea sold for $2020. Droughtmaster x steers 15 months account San Ed Cattle Co sold for $2140. Foxley Angus, Christmas Creek sold Angus x steers 14 months for $2000. Ian Hollindale, Guanaba sold Santa weaner males for $1900. Brahman steers 12 months account John & Bev Brehmer, Norwell sold for $1750. Euro x heifers 2 years account Paul Hawkins, Anthony sold for $2460.  Santa heifers 2 years account Craig Redgwell, Tarampa sold for $2300. Tony & Chantal Ludwig, Chinghee sold Droughtmaster heifers 15 months for $2200. Limousin x heifers 15 months account Vin & Judy Slingsby, Beechmont sold for $2180. Peter & Fay Buhle, Frazerview sold Charbray heifers 12 months for $2100. Charbray heifers 12 months account Kasey Woodeson, Josephville sold for $2040. Droughtmaster weaner heifers account Des Hirn sold for $2040. Mount Maroon Grazing sold Santa Hereford x weaner heifers for $2040. Keira Farm sold Charolais x weaner heifers for $1960. Carolyn Burgess, Purga sold Droughtmaster heifers for $2040. Ian Hollindale sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers for $2040. John & Bev Brehmer sold Droughtmaster x weaner heifers for $1860. Albert River Wines sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $4100. Munster Brothers, Beechmont sold Angus x cows and calves for $4000. Santa cows and calves account Paradise Creek sold for $3750. Mark & Vickee Binstead sold Santa cows and calves for $3450. Brahman cows and calves account Grant Storey, Birnam sold for $2900. Albert River Wines sold a Droughtmaster Bull for $3600.

Des Hirn of Haigslea sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers for $2040.