Beaudesert Store Sale 23rd January 2021

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a yarding of 457 head of cattle at their Beaudesert Store Sale on Saturday, where the market continued to rise for all descriptions.  A large number of feeder and re-stocker steers came to hand, all selling to dearer rates.  Glen and Kym Neuendorff, Cryna sold Charbray steers 2 ½ years for $2,000.  Droughtmaster steers 2 years account Rahane Pastoral Co, Oaky Creek sold for $1,950.  Palmer Steel, Running Creek sold Droughtmaster steers 18 months for $1,900.  Simbrah steers 18 months account Judd Farming, Allenview sold for $1,980.  Vaughan Signal and Natasha Ward, Roadvale sold Charolais x steers 15 months for $1,930.  Euro x steers 15 months account Eurara Pty Ltd, Innisplain sold for $1,810.  Dean and Tanya Zurvas, Mt Alford sold Simbrah steers 15 months for $1,770.  Michael and Elizabeth Koplick, Woodhill sold Hereford steers 15 months for $1,660.  Limousin x steers 14 months account Lloyd and Sheila Venz, Boyland sold for $1,500.  Paul Benstead, Christmas Creek sold Charolais x steers 12 months for $1,490.  Bellrome Cattle Co, Summerholm sold Euro x steers 12 months for $1,500.  Ray and Maree Ruhland, Boonah sold a Santa steers 14 months for $1,450.  Angus x steers 12 months account Julian Ritter, Christmas Creek sold for $1,380.  Graham Isbell, Coulson sold Charolais x heifers 15 months for $1,690.  Braford heifers 15 months account Graeme Klan, Milford sold for $1,650.  Mick and Shaan Eldridge, Moogerah sold Droughtmaster heifers 15 months for $1,640.  Vaughan Signal and Natasha Ward sold Charolais x heifers 15 months for $1,590.  Simmental x heifers 15 months account Dean and Tanya Zurvas sold for $1,550.  Limousin heifers 14 months account Lloyd and Sheila Venz sold for $1,400.  Eurara Pty Ltd sold Charolais x heifers 12 months for $1,240.  Betty Sugden, Summerholm sold Santa cows and calves for $2,900.  Cunningham Pastoral Co, Dugandan sold Simbrah cows and calves for $2,850.  David Strong, Jimboomba sold Euro x cows and calves for $2,550.  Milford Pastoral, Beaudesert sold a Charolais bull for $3,500. 

Feeder steers reached $2,000 at Beaudesert.