Beaudesert Store Sale – 23rd October 2021

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a reduced yarding at their Beaudesert Store Sale on Saturday. Due to useful rainfall recorded in the Southeast corner, buyers were out and about competing in full force. All descriptions met hot competition selling to much dearer market.
Anthony Brennan, Kagaru sold Droughtmaster feeder steers 24 mths for $2300. Droughtmaster steers 18 mths account Kerry Klan, Peak Crossing sold for $1890. Speckle Park weaner steers account Lambhill Pty Ltd, Maleny sold for $1780. Paul Benstead, Christmas Creek sold Charolais steers 15 mths for $1790. Santa weaner steers account Eric & Jason Rhodes, Canungra sold for $1740. Eurara Pty Ltd, Innisplain sold Charolais x Steers 12mths for $1700 and Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1680. Ian Hollindale, Guanaba sold Santa steers 12 mths for $1700. DI & K Thomas sold Bazadais x Steers 12mths for $1570. Charbray weaner steers account Marten & Michelle Platell sold for $1550. Angus heifers 18 mths account L & J Muller Pty Ltd sold for $2020. Angus x heifers 14mths account Mark and Sandra Downes, Christmas Creek sold for $1800. Speckle Park weaner heifers account Lambhill Pty Ltd sold for $1900. Scott Murdoch sold Droughtmaster x heifers 15mths for $1700. K, D, T, L Harvey Maroon sold Angus x heifers 12mths for $1480.  Angus x heifers account Barry & Lyn Watson Maroon sold for $1420. John Brady, Greenbank sold a Droughtmaster Cow & Calf for $4200. Lambhill Pty Ltd sold Brangus Cows & Calves for $3350. Droughtmaster cows account John Brady sold for $2150. Ian Hollindale sold Santa x Cows & Calves for $2150.

Droughtmaster Steers 18mths account Kerry Klan, Peak Crossing sold for $1890.