Beaudesert Store Sale – 26th August 2023

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a strong market for pens of feeder steers. Weaners and replacement heifers sold to an easier market as the dry weather continues to restrict the competition. Graham Isbell, Coulson, sold Charolais x steers 20 months for $1525. Klemley Park, Benobble sold Santa steers 20 months for $1260. Charolais x weaner steers account Willcocks Investments, Mt Alford sold for $720. Charbray steers 12 months account OS Plumbing, Hoya, sold for $800. Coochin Farming Co, sold Santa x weaner steers for $665. Klemley Park sold Santa weaner steers for $680. Santa weaner steers account Lindsay & Julie Grantz, Ormeau, sold Santa heifers 2 years for $1020. Bronwyn O’Flaherty, Mt Alford, sold Droughtmaster heifers 12 months for $820. Macam Investments, Mt Hallen sold Charbray heifers 12 months for $710. OS Plumbing sold Droughtmaster heifers for $645. Klemley Park sold Santa Cows for $1100. Dale Oppermann, Kerry  sold Droughtmaster Cows for $940. Early Storms Pastoral, Rolleston, sold Brahman x Cows for $840. John Gurney, Obum Obum, sold Brangus Cows and calves for $1140.