Beaudesert Store Sale – 3rd December 2022

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a firm market for cows and calves and lines of heifers with future breeding potential. Restocker steers sold to a slightly easier market.
Moo Moo Meats, Cainbable sold Angus x steers 15 months for $1720. Brahman x steers 15 months account Shannon White, Veresdale sold for $ 1580.  Eric and Jason Rhoades, Witheren sold Santa steers 12 months for $1500. Gutzke Rural Holdings, Silverdale sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1450. John and Karen Healey, Biddaddaba sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1450. Droughtmaster x weaner steers account Alan Mills, Beechmont sold for $1420. Frank and Joanie Hester, Tabragalba sold Santa x weaner steers for $1300. Judd Farming, Allenview sold Euro x weaner steers for $1370. Droughtmaster weaner steers account David and Barbara Smith, Darlington sold for $1380. Charolais x weaner steers account Andrew and Theresa Scholl, Charlwood sold for $1260. K,D,T & L Harvey, Maroon sold Droughtmaster heifers 12 months for $1200. Santa heifers 12 months account Frank and Joanie Hester sold for $1150. Charolais x weaner heifers account New Water Feedlot, Beaudesert sold for $1120. J2X Pty Ltd, Rosevale sold Charolais x weaner heifers for $1080. John and Karen Healey sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers for $1090. PTIC Cows account Carl Mills, Gilston sold for $2025. Valerie Klan, Boonah sold Braford heifers on their first calf for $2700. Dan Piacun sold Charbray cows and calves for $2025. Gutzke Rural Holdings sold Droughtmaster Bulls for $4500.

Dan Piacun and Family sold Charbray Cows & Calves for $2025