Beaudesert Store Sale – 6th February 2021

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a yarding of 713 head of cattle at their Beaudesert Store Sale on Saturday, with the surge in numbers created by record prices in January.  Heavy feeder steers sold to slightly dearer rates, as did re-stocker and weaner steers.  Potential breeder heifers and weaner heifers sold very well, whilst cows and cows and calves eased slightly. Sivyer Pastoral Co, Lockrose sold Santa steers 2 years for $2,110.  Neville and Tony Ferrar, Anthony sold Euro x steers 2 years for $2,110.  Limousin x steers 2 ½ years account the Trace Family, Chambers Flat sold for $2,010.  Palmer Steel Trading, Running Creek sold Droughtmaster steers 15 months to top at $1,820.  Charolais x steers 15 months account Mark and Sandra Downes, Christmas Creek sold for $1,850.  Larapinta Droughtmasters, Laravale sold Droughtmaster steers 15 months for $1,570.  Droughtmaster steers 15 months account Punchagin Pty Ltd, Frenches Creek sold for $1,500.  Charolais x steers 14 months account Brett Childs, Rosevale sold for $1,550.  Dusty Bailey, Barney View sold Mandalong steers 15 months for $1,500.  Keira Farm, Mutdapilly sold Charbray steers 14 months for $1,490.  Peter and Fay Buhle, Kalbar sold Charbray weaner steers for $1,460.  Ian Sellars, Rosevale sold Santa steers 12 months for $1,450.  Droughtmaster steers 12 months account Evans and Rowling, Hatton Vale sold for $1,400.  Santa steers 12 months account Eric and Jason Rhodes, Witheren sold for $1,310.  Droughtmaster heifers 2 years account Sandamara Pastoral, Darlington sold for $1,590.  Charbray heifers 2 years account Valley Pride Produce, Charlwood sold for $1,590.  Evans and Rowling sold Droughtmaster heifers 12 months for $1,500.  Santa heifers 12 months account Jombo Investment, Harrisville sold for $1,480.  Peter and Fay Buhle sold Charbray weaner heifers for $1,360.  Santa weaner heifers account Ian Sellars, Rosevale sold for $1,320.  Freedom Farm, Innisplain sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2,350.  Droughtmaster cows and calves account the Trace Family sold for $2,350.  Kerry Klan, Washpool sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2,300.  Braford cows and calves account Graeme Klan, Boonah sold for $2,225.  Dusty Bailey sold Mandalong cows and calves for $2,175.  Stewart and Shala Ashton, Roadvale sold Santa cows and calves for $2,000.  Freedom Farm sold a Droughtmaster bull for $6,000.

Sandra Pegler of Keira Farm, Mutdapilly sold Charbray steers 14 months for $1,490.