Beaudesert Store Sale – 8th July 2023

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported heavier steers selling to stronger competition at their Beaudesert Store Sale on Saturday.  Quality lines of restocker steers and heifers sold well with light weaners selling firm on last fortnight’s sale.

Graham Isbell, Coulson sold a quality line of Droughtmaster steers 20 months, with the top two pens selling for $1,500.  Eurara Pty Ltd,  Innisplain sold Euro x steers 20 months for $1,430.  Santa steers 15 months account Yawarra Pty Ltd, Nindooinbah sold for $1,160.  Simon & Natalie Marshall, Glamorgan Vale sold Angus x steers for $920.  Charolais x weaner steers account Wattle Tree Stud, Silverdale sold for $890.  Mark & Dianne Mylett, Cainbable sold Charolais x weaner steers for $750.  Rob Arnold, Veresdale sold Limousin x weaner steers for $750.  Youth Enterprise Trust, Tamborine sold Santa weaner steers for $660. 

Santa heifers 15 months account Yawarra Pty Ltd sold for $990.  John Dunn, Cryna sold Droughtmaster heifers 14 months for $970.  Droughtmaster heifers 12 months account Jamie Nicholson, Natural Bridge sold for $840.  Charbray heifers 12 months account Ken & Lyndell Jackson, Milora sold for $650.  Shane Radunz, Palen Creek sold Brangus heifers 12 months for $620.   

Jamie Nicholson sold Droughtmaster cows for $1,200.  Hereford x cows account Youth Enterprise Trust sold for $1,190.  Shane Radunz sold Droughtmaster cows for $1,100.  Wood N Wheels Holdings, Mount Walker  sold Droughtmaster cows for $1,000.  Murray Grey Cows account Youth Enterprise Trust sold for $970.  Droughtmaster Cows & calves account Alan & Nerida Eadie, Carbrook sold for $1,340. 

Graham Isbell and family sold Droughtmaster steers 20 months for $1,500