Beaudesert Store Sale – 8th October 2022

Agents Bartholomew & Co reported a fully firm market for all descriptions at their Beaudesert Store Sale on Saturday. A quality line of restocker steers and heifers met strong competition, as did heavier feeder steers. PTIC cows and heifers continued to sell very well. Graham Isbell, Coulson sold Droughtmaster steers 18 mths for $2300. Droughtmaster steers 20 mths account Stanford Pastoral Co, Kalbar sold for $2200. Steve Teitzel, Woodhill sold Euro x steers 20 mths for $2220. Red Brahman Steers 18mths account Oppermann Pastoral, Teviotville sold for $1920. Limousin steers 15 mths account Jon Stiller & Co, Allenview sold for $1920. Royston Grazing, Innsiplain sold Angus x steers 18 mths for $1860. Droughtmaster x steers 12 mths account OS Plumbing, Hoya sold for $1790. Sunkissed Quarter Horse Stud, Warrill View sold Simbrah x steers 12 mths for $1780. Richard Toft, Fernvale sold Droughtmaster x weaner steers for $1780. Alan Mills, Beechmont sold Limousin x weaner steers for $1680. Droughtmaster weaner steers account Carolyn Burgess, Purga sold for $1660. Darryn & Tricia Hester, Allenview sold Angus x steers 12 mths for $1640. Droughtmaster x weaner steers account Stephanie Malmborg, Silverdale sold for $1610. Reynolds Head Droughtmasters, Croftby sold Droughtmaster heifers PTIC for $2625. Brangus heifers 15 mths account Stanford Pastoral Co sold for $1880. Royston Grazing sold Brahman x heifers 15 mths for $1680.  Buckley & Lynam, Laravale sold Droughtmaster x heifers for $1500. Simbrah heifers 12mths account Sunkissed Quarter Horse Stud sold for $1400. Droughtmaster weaner heifers account OS Plumbing sold for $1380.  Angus weaner heifers account Richard Toft, Borallon sold for $1290. Droughtmaster cows and calves account Mick & Melissa Self, Pine Mountain sold for $2630. Alan Mills sold Droughtmaster x cows and calves for $2575. Reynold Head Droughtmasters sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2500.

Barbara Williams and Noel Giebel of Sunkissed Quarter Horse Stud, Warrill View sold Simbrah x steers 12 months for $1780.